You May Be Paying More for Prescription Drugs If You Use You...

If you think using your insurance always gets you the lowest price on prescription drugs, you could be wrong.

Earlier this year, Megan Schultz walked into a CVS pharmacy in California to pick up a prescription.

She used her insurance co-payment and paid $166 for the generic drug.

What she didn’t know was that if she’d paid in cash, that same generic would have

Schultz filed a lawsuit against CVS Health on Aug. 7, saying the chain overcharges...

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What Would Happen If Medicare Started Negotiating Drug Price...

Officials in the Medicaid program do it.

The people at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs do it as well.

So why don’t the folks overseeing the Medicare program negotiate with pharmaceutical companies over the price of prescription drugs?

Pharmaceutical representatives say Medicare negotiations would result in fewer choices for senior citizens who use the program to cover their drug purchases.

However, consumer advocates say Medicare negotiati...

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Food Heave...

You May Be...

What Would...

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