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Meet Dt. Priya Agarwal, the best clinical nutritionist in Kolkata

Priya Agarwal is the owner at Dietmerics, the best diet consulting centre in the city of joy. She is an expert when it comes to clinical nutrition and has provided consultation to a lot of people throughout her coruscating career of almost two decades. She took up her medical career with qualifications like MSC (Comp) HSC, PGD Dietetics, post which she entered this renowned industry as a slimming manager at an organization in New Delhi. To upgrade her skills and her passion for this work, she joined The Escorts Heart Institute where she worked as a senior dietician, eventually becoming the head of the department in no time.

She also had a privilege to be trained by Dr. Arun Sharma, the father of modern naturopathy (Imanah USA). With him as a mentor and a guide, she received knowledge of advanced naturopath, changing her perception towards the patients.

She deals with individual patients suffering from health issues such as- Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Gastrointestinal problems, etc. Having been a state champion in sports in her academic life, Priya Agarwal understands the value of health since childhood, currently, she emphasizes a blend of traditional food wisdom and modern nutritional science for a healthy body and mind.

“Eat on time and follow quantity”. That’s her motto.

Having completed a long journey to be the leading dietician in the city, Dt. Priya Agarwal has helped over 10000 people in improving their lives and achieve their goals.

Priya Agarwal has been honoured with the prestigious “Health Pioneer Of East India  2020” award by The Times Of India. She is highly recommended by her past clients be it a business person, a celebrity, a minister, a homemaker, or just a student.


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